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Toronto Small Claims Lawyer
Toronto Business Lawyer



Preview by Why My Hair Don't Grow No More
Once upon a time I had thick long hair. I used to smile a lot, had friends, nice stuff, free time. Then kids happened and, well, now I dont have no hair no more™. This blog is a diary of my daily trials and tribulations as a parent.
: Humour


Preview by And That's When the Fight Started...
Ever wonder in your relationship, how ‘the fight’ started…: Laughter takes away the pain. Laughter brushes the worry aside. Laughter is the best medicine, as they said. Hope you all find it as a therapy too... like I do. Enjoy!
: Humour


Preview by Terrible Poetry
The full title of this blog is: Terrible poetry and even worse eCards (Plus an awful novel). It's really quite self-explanatory.
: Humour


Preview by interrobang the comic
A comic about two brothers.
: Humour


Preview by The Cat From Hell
Me is the most beautiful Lilac Point Siamese. My Mommy taught me how to use an iPad. Me get into a lot of trouble....meI writes about it. Me has 2 cat siblings, the Brat - Kozmo and TAC (Teeth And Claws) Jo-Jo. Sometimes me lets Kozmo write too
: Humour

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Toronto Business Lawyer

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Toronto Small Claims Lawyer